Automate your work with BIM Bots

Streamline your workflow, automate your tasks, get earlier insight and improve the quality of your work.

Connect the dots

Why settle for one tool with limited features, when you can use an unlimited, open ecosystem of online tools.

BIM Bots for suppliers

BIM Bots can add a valuable solution for suppliers and users. See our video for more info.

BIM Bots for simulations

Get easy insight in the behaviour of your building, very early in the process. See our video for more info.

Made for Modellers ánd Software providers

Whether you’re making a BIM dataset, or want to provide a simulation or modelling service, BIM Bots has many advantages.

  • Early access to knowlegde

    Automating feedback into a bot gives designers and engineers the ability to get early access to knowledge, that is normally only available later in the process.

  • New Business model

    With BIM Bots, software providers can have subscribers (free, paid per use, subscription). This means the business model changes from selling feature rich software packages to high quality niche applications.

  • Easy to use

    A BIM Bot Revit plug-in creates a low threshold for BIM users.

    Turning an existing BIM tool into a BIM Bot is easy with free libraries and extensive documentation.

Dive into the details, or contact us for more info.

See some more demo tools or the technical documentation.